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  How to increase the attractiveness of your website.

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PostSubject: How to increase the attractiveness of your website.   Fri Mar 11, 2011 5:05 pm

The sole aim a company who creates a website is to market their products and services or whatever they have to offer. Some get it done by web design firms while some do it by themselves. There are certain mistakes that need to be avoided in whichever manner a website is designed.
The first thing to be done before creating a website and making it online is to decide on its objectives and goals. This procedure is helpful for the web designer to get a clear understanding of the company and its target audience, and also to make use of the best possible ways to communicate with the people. At this stage of website development, the communication done between the website designer and the client is important for the success of the website.
As far its designing part, copywriting or typography is concerned; consistency should be maintained throughout the website. The headings and sub-headings should also be proportionate in nature. The content copy of all web pages of a site should be similar. Also the graphics quality should remain consistent in all web pages. It is better to use different shades of the same color than to use different colors in the web pages. This helps to maintain the uniformity of the website. Usage of colors should be limited and in proper combination. It is not necessary to use all rainbow type colors to make a site look attractive. Good color schemes are always a plus point for the website. Text colors should be easy to read to.
Inserting too many design features and elements on a single website or web page is a major drawback that draws visitors away from you. Every design that you put online should be reasonable and done with a vision in mind. Don't forget to put white space on the web pages for giving a spacious feel to the readers.
Make sure that the web design firm you hire takes care of these factors while designing your site.
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How to increase the attractiveness of your website.
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